P A R T Y   P L A T T E R S

If you are having a get together, but don't want the fuss,
just call and order our party platters.
They are quick and easy so you can spend more time with your guests.

  • Fruit Platter
    A seasonal assortment of fresh fruit

    Small-$55.00; Medium-$99.25; Large-$135.95

  • Cheese Spreads w/ Crackers
    Balls of Port Wine, Cheddar and Swiss Almond Cheese with Ritz Crackers

    $39.50 - Feeds 25 people

  • Mini Tea Sandwiches
    Assortment of Beef, Ham and Turkey on small silver dollar rolls

    $10.45 per dozen

  • Taco Roll-ups
    Soft tortillas rolled with  taco dip, onions, and black  olives, served with salsa

    $6.85 per dozen

  • Vegetable Platter
    A fresh assortment of seasonal fresh vegetables with dill or onion dip

    Small-$43.00; Medium-$62.50; Large-$99.75

  • Cheese and Sausage Platter
    Array of Cheddar, Swiss, Colby and Jack Cheese with Summer Sausage. Includes Crackers

    Small-$47.65; Medium-$68.25; Large-$96.50

  • Mini Puff Sandwiches
    Small puffs stuffed with Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad

    $10.45 per dozen

  • Taco Dip and Chips
    Zesty cream cheese base spread with lettuce, cheddar cheese, black olives and tomatoes

    Small-$39.50; Medium-$51.00; Large-$68.25

  • Veggie Pizza Platter
    Baked crescent crust with cream cheese spread and topped with vegetables

                     Small serves 15 - $28.35;                                 Medium serves 25 - $40.75;                   Large serves 45 - $58.95

  • Gourmet Platter
    Deviled Eggs, Stuffed Tomatoes, and Salami Cornucopia

    Small-$55.00; Medium-$95.25; Large-$135.95

  • Ham Roll-ups
    Ham rolled up with cream cheese and onions or dill pickle

    $5.50 per dozen

  • Dessert Platter
    Includes a variety of Mini Cupcakes, Lemon Bars, Brownies and Mini Cheese Tortes

                     Small Serves 10 - $40.00                                Medium Serves 20 - $80.00                    Large Serves 30 - $125.00

Unless otherwise noted:
Small serves 15-25 *** Medium serves 30-40 *** Large serves 50-60

If you are looking for something and don’t see it on the menu, please ask us. We would be pleased to accommodate your catering needs.


(Prices are per person and are subject to change)