B R E A K F A S T  M E N U 

Continental Breakfast

  • Selection of Rolls, Pastries, Doughnuts, and Bagels
    Whipped Butter Spread, Jam, Cream Cheese
    Chilled Orange Juice and/or Tomato Juice

  • Special Continental Breakfast also includes Fresh Fruit Selection.
    Also Coffee is available with Cream & Sugar

Buffet Breakfasts

  • Alternate #1
    Scrambled Eggs
    Country Baked Ham
    Breakfast Sausage
    Hash Browned Potatoes
    Fresh Fruit Arrangement
  • Alternate #2
    Egg Casserole
    Ham & Cheese Or
    Bacon & Cheese Croissants
    Hash Browned Potatoes
    Fruit Salad or Whole Fruit
  • Included on Both:
    Pastries, Rolls, Doughnuts and Bagels
    Whipped Butter, Jam & Cream Cheese
    Chilled Orange Juice or Tomato Juice
    Coffee & Milk


If you are looking for something and can't find it on our menu, just ask us. We would be pleased to accommodate your special catering needs.


For full service, there is a 17% service charge on the toatal bill, plus tax.   For Delivery Service only, there is a $25 delivery charge.   If you would like our staff to serve you and there is less than 50 guests, there is an additional charge of $50.   Please let us know if you are tax exempt so we can have an accurate invoice ready for you.


(Prices subject to change.)